Insider Shares Info

The Republican Insider who informs D.W.Ulsterman of Washington goings on passed along a little tidbit yesterday about Valerie Jarrett. Whether she goes or stays as HHS Secretary depends on a tug of war between Obama’s consigliere Valerie Jarrett and Congressional Democrats.

Heard this morning of a heated discussion/yelling match between Pete Rouse and Valerie Jarrett over the increasingly possible and impending Sebelius resignation. Jarrett wants her to stay put, but Rouse, who I know is cozy with quite a few legislators here on the Hill, is apparently demanding Sebelius go sooner not later. As in last week.

The two apparently did a back and forth thing throughout the afternoon yesterday that had everyone else at the White House walking on eggshells, and various versions of the conflict making its way back here. Some versions called it a disagreement, while one version had them literally screaming at each other for about ten minutes inside of Rouse’s office. If true, I was told that would be very out of character for Pete Rouse. He is supposed to be a very low key out of the picture kind of guy who does most of his talking through internal memos.

At any rate, I personally know of at least ten House Democrats and three Senate Democrats already willing to be a part of some kind of delay of Obamacare for at least six months. There are a lot more than that who want Sebelius gone as a way of protecting both the president and the party. They need a face to hang all of this chaos on.

So far it seems Jarrett has held them back. Will be interesting if Rouse can use his connections with Congress to bypass her.

Start popping the corn. This could get interesting!

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