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This morning while walking down Belvedere, I saw a yard sign. It read “Vote Yes/ Memphis Pre-K.” There was an empty box with a check mark in it as if you were standing at the ballot box.

It was referring to the vote on November 21 as to whether the city should increase sales tax for the purpose of funding pre-K here.

If it were honest the sign would have read Vote Yes for:
A higher tax that will never go away but will harm business;
Money wasted on a program that has no verified success;
Individual freedom and power flowing out of you and into the hands of careless bureaucrats;
The occasion for graft and political rewards via programs given out to cronies and buddies;
More reason to leave the city of Memphis;
Unpaid day care for those who don’t want to deal with their own kids;
Further fracture of the family;
More involvement by government in our personal lives;
Furtherance of propaganda

Shall I go on?

The sign appeals to thoughtless people who drive by and say to themselves, “sure, I’d like for kids to have pre-K.” They don’t think beyond that. They don’t think of consequences, financial or social. If it feels good, do it as the old hippie slogan used to go.

Once again the opposition is using the “it’s for the children” argument as if that excuses all kinds of government malfeasance.

Why do we trust a government that years to work on the Affordable Care Act roll out, spent hundreds of millions of dollars on it and still couldn’t get it done? Do we think our local people will be better? Do we think paid baby sitters will care more about the welfare of our little ones than the parents?

Wouldn’t acting “for the children” really mean getting parents to grow up and execute their duties? Isn’t that really the charitable thing to do?

Voting yes means voting for more of the same. It will not solve our problems. It will worsen them.

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