Campaign Call

It’s no surprise to get a political phone call, especially since the Republican National Committee seems to call every other day. That’s OK if they’re getting a lot of donations (although the DNC outraised us last month), but guys, my pockets aren’t that deep in an Obama world.

But this call wasn’t from them. It was someone calling on behalf of City Council member Jim Strickland, our Midtown representative. She asked me about the Pre-K vote, as she called it, in November. I told her I was NOT going to vote for it. She seemed shocked. I guess the idea that kids in Pre-K don’t deserve the best anyone can offer them didn’t even come into her projectory.

While she was on the phone, I told her that I also was not pleased with Strickland’s vote for smart meters. She stumbled on this one, surprised I had brought it up.

Not surprisingly, she made a quick exit from talking to me.

Not that I was rude or believe in being rude; it’s just that our politicians really don’t understand what the public they represent thinks. They, especially Democrats like Strickland, assume that everyone thinks the way they do. We don’t. That’s one of the enriching things about living in a democracy.

It’s interesting how geared up the sales tax increase people are. I don’t buy that it is because they care so much for our community. Politicians are the ones who want to gain from it.

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