Shining a Light on MLGW

MLGW is pulling out all the stops to force us into smart meters. President Jerry Collins wants them so bad he is working his plan from every angle.

First, there was the weekend hit piece on Janis Fullilove. She owes taxes and has been slow to pay them. But do you think she’s the only City Council person to owe money or the only prominent person in government to do so? I highly doubt it. If there were any journalists in this town, they would check into what others owe. Don’t hold your breath. She is being picked out, in my opinion, because of her opposition to smart meters.

I also think the accusation that she was drinking before a City Council meeting is highly dubious. Again, it serves some people to belittle her and make the public distrust her. It’s pure Alinsky. The smart meter proponents have found a target, frozen it and made fun of her. The media joined in and now doubts will pop up in the minds of naive Memphians when her name comes up. She is now a figure of scorn and ridicule.

Next you have Collins suggesting that smart meter subscribers could get free WiFi. How would this work out? We don’t know, but just the sound of something free will get a lot of people running to your side. Note that Collins didn’t say they would do it. Just that they could. You have to take whatever Collins says and go over it like a contract lawyer.

Then, there was the announcement that MLGW will be raising utility rates. Why would that be? We don’t seem to be experiencing a fuel shortage. It’s not the deep of a harsh winter that has drained supplies or after a particularly brutal hot summer. So why the rate hike? It’s an effort to scare people. When they see a higher bill, some will think that the smart meter will be their salvation and green light one in their homes. The joke’s on us; why do we need such a thing to tell us what we all know? Use less electricity and your bill will be less. For this knowledge, we are being asked to give MLGW millions and millions of dollars. It doesn’t make sense.

Sense, however, is not what smart meters are about. They appear to be about money flowing to people with connections, information gathering and behavior modification.

It is all clear in this age of Obama we are nightmarishly living in.

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