Look Says More Than Words

I decided to watch some of the Kathleen Sebelius Obamacare Congressional hearings. You start listening and most of what you get is Democrat spin. The Democrat Congressmen ask the easy questions and Sebelius answered with her prepared remarks. One hand washed the other. For the Republicans, she circumnavigated the questions rather than replied. No big surprise here.

As the interrogations continued, I decided I’d find out as much by turning off the sound as I would if I listened. Call it body language, if you like. It revealed more than the syllables bubbling out of Sibelius’ mouth.

Sebelius sat expressionless. Her ice blue blouse and white hair added to her steely chill. Her lips were taut and her eyes had no glint. There was no smiling, no softness at all. It’s horrifying when you think this is the person who will make life and death decisions for millions. Compassion isn’t in the picture. She seems to be calculating every response. I wouldn’t like her to be on my death panel inquiry. I wouldn’t want her to decide what clothes I wear much less anything pertaining to loved ones’ health.

Sometimes people look aloof out of anxiety or fear. Not Sebelius. She looked capable of eviscerating anyone there who crossed her. Clearly, she is confident of keeping her position. She is confident, period, like the true believers of Communist years who saw their doctrine imposed on others without even a twinge of compunction.

There was arrogance. It was the arrogance of someone who prizes herself better than anyone there or anyone watching. She’s not going to be accountable to anyone but Obama and in him she has a twin.

She was stiff. There is not a lot of hand movement or animation. This is a woman who has passion for her cause, but not for people.

Republicans tried batting at her with truth and facts. Didn’t matter. She was nonplussed.

Even the Dow

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