More GOP, Please

Although the president’s approval rating and personal likeability rating are down, the talking heads can’t stop themselves from gloating that Republican approval is down, too. They are still obsessed with the shutdown and attacking any Republican who was for it.

What they don’t understand is that Republican approval is down not because people dislike the Republican philosophy; it’s that they are not following it.

Some of our party leaders have forgotten that we stand for freedom, low taxation and defense. They are afraid to confront Obama or to say that our deficit is out of control. If they took a more vocal stand, explaining what is happening, more would rally to our side.

In Tennessee we have Republican senators and a governor. You’d hardly know they are Republican. Alexander moved to tax us over internet sales. How does that fit in with the GOP? Corker lets himself be wooed by Obama after Obama takes him to dinner. Both want to accommodate the president and vote with him more than half the time. Our governor is contemplating accepting Medicaid money while we get shackled to Obamacare. They are not being Republican!

Many of them think that we were too harsh on Kathleen Sebelius yesterday at her Congressional hearing. Too harsh? Not when millions of Americans lives are in the hands of someone who can’t even get a website up in three years with hundreds of millions of dollars! Someone who will have power of life and death over us?

D.W. Ulsterman’s Republican Insider has stepped forward to detail the state of the party as it sits in D.C.

“The Sebelius hearing went about as well or as bad as most of us figured. Was grateful that at least some members of Congress actually made an issue about what Obamacare itself is doing to peoples’ health insurance costs, losing existing plans, etc. The website just makes the administration look bad. The rest of it exposes them for the lying frauds they really are. If you haven’t done it yet check out the report by Avik Roy that just came out on how the administration knew about almost a 100 million people getting kicked off their health plans. Sebelius and Carney and the president and probably some in the media now will keep repeating the 5% claim. As in only 5% of the population is being impacted by Obamacare terminating their existing health plan.

Well, first off, 5% of the population is about 15 million people, so for them to just dismiss that kind of number as “oh well so sorry” should have them called out by the media and smacked across the face with it.

Second, they are lying. And I really mean flat out lying about that. Their own report, the one from 2010, outlines numbers that are much higher, and those cancellations are coming from both the private insurance market and the employer sponsored plans. Everyone is getting their lives altered by this law. Everyone. So some of us are pushing our people to keep hammering this point home, as it really pins down the administration on a lie they can’t escape from. Thing is, they won’t have to if more people don’t call them out on it. It’s the old frustration with this White House. They just say lies, and then sit back and wait for the story to blow over, which the media allows them to do over and over again.

Want to jump to something else that is sort of festering just below the surface right now. I knew there was animosity toward Ted Cruz within the party leadership. Shared that with you before and then other media outlets have picked that up too. What I didn’t know is that there are, right now, Republican leadership members actively seeking to destroy Senator Cruz. They are apparently feeding character assassination stories to members of the media who have a long history of attacking Republicans. So basically, this party’s leadership is arming the enemy with ammunition to try and silence one of their own. That’s how out of touch these people are.

The good news for now is that people like Ted Cruz are showing an amazing amount of resilience. The party is changing, and for the better. The old guard knows it, hates it, is fighting against it, but they are losing. And how I know this is money. The money is coming in for the ones who are willing to speak out loud and proud about small government conservatism, and willing to call out the Obama administration for just how bad it really has been for America. The rest of them are counting on the crumbs from the GOP machine, but those dollars are not nearly as much as they should be at this point in an impending Midterm Election cycle. Not sure that makes any sense to you, but if not, just trust me on this. The grassroots are changing the party with their small donations that are accumulating into big influence, and that is just plain awesome.

On a related note to that, the Obama campaign operatives are crawling around this place promising Democrats that they will be receiving cash for their own re-election coffers if they “keep quiet and stay on script”. That’s a quote. Isn’t it odd that the Obama campaign created the most powerful and intricate technological election voter data base and yet failed so miserably on the Obamacare rollout? Makes you think it might all be going “according to plan” huh? Anyways, the White House is making it very clear it wants a clear runway after 2014. Now think back to how much damage they did to the country when they had two years of owing the White House and the Congress. It makes me wonder what in the world they have in mind if they get to do that again after 2014? Talk about some real nightmares.

Sorry for the delay in these updates. While all of you were eyeballing the Obamacare hearings, I’ve been working behind the scenes on this immigration reform stuff. Once again, it’s the Republican leadership who are putting up the biggest fight against the rest of us who are telling them to back off the issue. They are expending so much political leverage on that one issue, while we have the entire country getting ticked off about Obamacare. Why not focus in on that? I think the reason is there are a few of the high placed Republicans who actually want government controlled healthcare. I think they believe the country is moving in that direction and they want to be a part of that history. It’s sick. These people are sick. And it makes me sick every time I walk past them. I really hope the voters send a message and help us to clean house up here. I promise to try and update more often. Should have more time now. Then again, maybe not. We’ll just have to see. Will do my best though.”

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