Sebelius Today

This morning the CA has a front page story about Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius coming to town. It says that she was invited to speak by Rep. Cohen.

I found that interesting because before this morning there was little about her visit in the media. I checked Cohen’s website and there was no mention of the event. I wondered if it was one in which I had to get a ticket to attend, so I called the office yesterday.

The man who answered the phone purported to know very little about the event. He wasn’t sure where it was, when it was or who might attend. Either he and the others he asked in his office are too uninformed to work in a position like that or they were being disingenuous.

If Cohen has had it on his schedule for three weeks, as the paper suggested, somebody should have known something.

The people interviewed in the CA story all sounded upbeat about a program, the Affordable Care Act, that we found out yesterday only enrolled six people. Six! How many millions does that break down to per person? There is no answer to that because they won’t tell all the costs. Why would they? The money probably went to friends or as payback. Someone did work out the cost per hour of the website rollout and came up with $200 an hour for 5,000 years. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it is probably even more than that, considering other factors.

The one local person the CA interviewed who had some negative vibes about it was Dr. George Flinn, a Republican. He said the ACA is “the law” and indicated he wanted to abide by it.

That’s all very fine, except right now we need Republicans to act like Republicans. I don’t mean they should be adversarial or rude, but they should stick up for freedom. That is what is causing Americans to disregard the GOP. We need more vocal voices fighting for us. At least Marsha Blackburn did some of that at the congressional hearing. More, please.

It will be interesting to see how the media covers this event. Will they make the Tea Party attendees villains or whitewash what Sebelius says and does? Stay tuned.

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