Brewing Up Hate

A new low in journalism was on display today. At least it was in The Commercial Appeal. It may have occurred earlier in other newspapers because this is a story by the McClatchy News Service, not a local one. Still, local editors decided to put this piece of trash in our newspaper and on Sunday, too, the biggest circulation day.

The headline of the offensive piece reads “Researchers: Race factor in tea party’s dislike of Obama. Hostility goes beyond policies.”

So what’s reporter Lauren Loricchio’s evidence? Thin to non existent.

The whole story only comes up with one dubious event where racism might be alleged. That concerns the waving of a Confederate flag during the government shutdown. I have never seen any proof that it was done by a Tea Party member. It raises my suspicions because it was too good a visual and I know how skilled Democrats are – with their media friends in tow – about that kind of thing. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s big gavel that she carried with black congressmen after the passage of the Affordable Care Act? She said racial slurs were hurled at them. When Andrew Breitbart offered money to anyone who could prove that happened, no one took the opportunity to get the money. Why? Because no one did such a thing.

So the one example the reporter picks in the long article is dubious at best.

What else did she offer? Supposition. A Maryland Democrat State delegate alleged racism. No bias there, eh? A supposition by an Emory University professor and a University of Maryland professor added more bias. How far have they gone from their liberal ivory towers or even met a Tea Party member? All these two can say is that “empirical, survey based evidence published by several political scientists…have documented racialized attitudes, stereotyping or racial hostility among white tea party members.” Note that no concrete examples were given.

Sounds like they are doing the very same thing they accuse Tea Party members of doing – stereotyping, hate thoughts and racism.

I find this sickening. The Democrats and the media are intent on smearing the Tea Party and they don’t even have any evidence to do it. But they get by with it. In today’s United States, the worst thing you can call someone is now a racist, so they have slapped that on the Tea Party. It’s total propaganda worthy of Goering.

Why a newspaper would put such trash in it is also sickening.

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