Yesterday as I was driving by the central library, I saw a sign that said “free flu shots.” It listed the day and time.

When I got a flu shot it was $28 at Kroger. I did not mind paying it. I also knew that I was paying more than others and that would help cover the cost for those who would get it free. That’s fine. Certainly people need to get a flu shot and by doing so not only cut the cost of future care they’d need, but also cut down on the spread of it, saving many people from days of missed work, fever and vomiting.

Setting aside my qualms about a library that is more of a social welfare outlet than educational one, I see this whole free flu shot thing as an indicator of Obamacare problems. Once Obamacare comes about, everyone will probably get a free flu shot. Fine. But that’s about it. The government can only manage and afford the simplest of processes, not the big problems that require the excellent health care system we have/had.

We are giving away good medical care so that we can all have poor to mediocre care. It doesn’t seem a smart switch. As it has stood, the poor get free flu shots, subsidized by the rest of us, plus free emergency care, subsidized by the rest of us. Insurance clients, hospitals and doctors have taken a hit for a long time by doing this for humanitarian and practical reasons. That all goes out the window with Obamacare.

It’s a sick answer to sickness. Wait til there are hardly any doctors. What will the government and us do then?

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