Red to the Roots

That’s the name of the state party’s strategy for election 2014.

In short, here’s what they say:

Why Red to the Roots?
When voters know a candidate’s political affiliation they immediately have a basic understanding of the platform that person is running on.
By giving voters the opportunity to nominate candidates you increase their knowledge about candidates, elected officials and important issues.
Elections open the door for an increase in public discourse which helps hold our elected officials more accountable.

Won’t this inject dysfunction into our local governments?
No is the simple answer. Many Tennessee counties already have primaries for local elections.
Additionally, our State House and Senate have partisan primaries and the results are anything but dysfunctional. We stress:
Balanced Budget
Lower Taxes
We are one of the top 5 states for business
We are the top auto manufacturer in the South
We have increased Teacher pay

Red to the Roots
Empowers citizens
Helps educate voters
Holds public officials more accountable
Makes candidates more transparent
Increases public discourse

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