Kelsey Scored on Photo

State Senator Brian Kelsey got a lot of publicity out of the photo taken of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius holding the book “Websites for Dummies” he handed her. The Secretary had come to Memphis about a week and a half ago to promote the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The picture was all over the internet and Kelsey appeared on Fox News to talk about it.

The picture really hit the bull’s eye. How do I know? Today Commercial Appeal columnist Otis Sanford condemned it. The headline on the front of the Viewpoint section read “Kelsey gets moment of foolishness, no credibility.” Sanford slams him for the “mindless prank” and “childish antics.” He says that this precludes him from being a serious player in the state legislature.

Democrats must learn Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” at the cradle. They know that poking fun at someone is the way to destroy them. They have no compunction about doing it to others. Remember Sarah Palin and Saturday Night Live? Or how everything George W. Bush said was laughed at and he was branded as some kind of village idiot? It works. It works amazingly well in a society that laps it up wherever and by whomever it is served.

That’s why Sanford is fussing about Kelsey. He knows Kelsey did in ten seconds what hours of verbiage never could: encapsulate the stupidity of Obamacare. He wouldn’t waste time slamming him if he really thought it was a prank or childish. It wasn’t a prank and it wasn’t childish. It was clever and effective. The Dems can never accept that from a Republican.

I don’t know if Sanford attended the Sebelius event at the library. I did. I spoke with Senator Kelsey and a few other Republicans who were there. Never did anything get out of hand or disrespectful. That’s the way you should do it; make your point in a respectful, but effective way.

Interestingly the event was a flop which I heard attendees commenting on afterwards. They recognized it was a dog and pony show with nothing substantive in it. That’s Obamacare, too. There is nothing helpful about it.

I can only hope that other Republicans on the local, state and federal level emulate Brian Kelsey. The American people are not happy with this awful bill. Republicans won’t help them or themselves by grousing on the sidelines. The issue demands action.

Kelsey did that in an effective manner. If he does that more and fights for us in Nashville, he’ll be on his way to Washington, D.C. soon enough.

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