More Reasons to Say No

Memphis watchdog Joe Saino says say no to the pre-K ballot initiative November 21. I heartily agree.

He writes at MemphisShelbyinform:

This is an issue that the City of Memphis is trying to sneak by the voters in a vote that will probably have a low turnout. These are the reasons to vote NO. Early voting starts today. As they say in Chicago, vote early and often.

The Commercial Appeal writes that 63% ($30 million) goes to Pre-K and the rest (1$17 million) to property tax reduction. However look at the wording of the Ordinance which states that the money goes to a Pre-K Commission appointed by Mayor Wharton which will make the decisions. Do you trust such a commission?
Our sales tax is already very high (9.25%) and this would take it to 9.75%, the highest in the state, a very regressive tax.
There is no evidence that Pre-K works and has any long term benefits,.
There should be no new taxes until the City of Memphis and the City Council reform pensions and health care costs and get on a path to reduce unfunded liability as pointed out by the State of Tennessee.

Here’s the wording on the ballot:

Yes, this is just a Democrat ploy to hand out money to contributors who can later pass it back to the official/candidate.

And, as I was listening to the IBEW members on their 990 radio show Saturday, a caller pointed out that now the number of pre K children targeted for the money is 4-6,000. In reality, there are about 20,000 who would eventually come into the system. How would that be funded? You guessed it – by raising the tax rate.

Once these taxes come to life they are vampires. They cannot be easily killed and they suck more and more life blood from the body politic.

The proponents are hoping Memphians do not go to the polls on Nov. 21st. I hope they do in droves to stop this travesty.

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