A Look at Jarrett

To those who understand that Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama, basically runs our country, it was no surprise that she engineered the latest deal with Iran.

She was born in Iran to mixed race parents and lived there til she was five. She then lived in London before settling in Chicago. Jarrett has always displayed sympathy to Iranians and Muslims as well.

Jo Anne Moretti, internet blogger and radio host, calls attention to some of Jarrett’s other connections. If we had a media, they might look into this, too.

It’s Valerie’s connections we should be looking at. He was nothing when she found him. It’s her connections floating his boat. She’s the property developer. She has all the Chicago connections. She owned Rezko, not the other way around. She was partners with Allison Davis, from Davis, Miner Barnhill and Galland. The lawyer whose name the mansion is in works for now Miner Barnhill and Galland. She is Vernon Jarett’s daughter in law. The the Iranian & Arab connections are her father’s. The Chicago and Communist connections are her father in law’s. Vernon Jarrett knew FM Davis, Tom Ayers and his boys, Percy Sutton, Axelrod’s mother. It was probably him that had Axelrod’s father killed. The property development theater is her forte. She ran Daley’s office. She chose Michelle and Obama. She hooked him up with Wright and the community organizers like Farrakan, Jackson, etc. She hooked him up with the banks that she was in cahoots with on her property schemes. Remember, it was her traveling to Qatar and Bahrain (who worked out the deal).

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