Slap at Catholics

Obama has shown time and again his contempt and disregard for Christianity. It’s amusing to watch him go to church, something he does for show only and then when his poll numbers are down. You know his heart is not in it.

If anything, he seems to prefer Islam. He reminisced about how beautiful it was to here the Muslim call to prayers ring out when he was a youth in Indonesia. That clip mysteriously vanished after he became a significant candidate for president.

He pretended to be pro life when he was interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren pre election. Now, his love for abortion, Planned Parenthood and contraceptives comes out. He must have enjoyed getting the Catholic vote since he is antithetical to everything Catholics are supposed to believe. A religious schadenfreude, I suppose.

Now he has given the same Catholics who helped him to a second term a slap in the face. Obama has decided to close the offices for the ambassador to the Vatican and move it into the Italian embassy. Officials have explained that the Vatican office was not safe.

You mean like Benghazi, which wasn’t shut down or Cairo?

No, what it really means is Obama doesn’t consider the Vatican important enough on the world stage. Former Vatican ambassador Jim Nicholson disagrees. He told

“It’s another manifestation of the antipathy of this administration both to Catholics and to the Vatican – and to Christians in the Middle East. This is a key post for intermediation in so many sovereignties but particularly in the Middle East. This is anything but a good time to diminish the stature of this post. To diminish the stature of this post is to diminish its influence.

“The State Department has for a long time wanted to do this. It came up when I was an ambassador. I explained the folly of this and it went away. But now they seem determined to do this. The perception is [with this action] that the United States is showing a lack of appreciation for the relevance of its diplomatic partner in the Vatican.”

President Reagan certainly saw the merits of teaming with Pope John Paul II to defeat Communism.

Obama doesn’t like the pro family, pro religious freedom, pro marriage, pro life stance that the Vatican promotes. This removal is another way he can diminish the influence of Catholicism in the U.S. and replace it with the religion of the state instead.

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