Stopping Obamacare

By now, you may have seen the headlines about my gift to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. At an event she attended in Memphis earlier this month, I handed the secretary a copy of “Websites for Dummies.” While some may have found this exchange humorous, there was a very serious point behind my “gift.”

State Senator Brian Kelsey realizes that if Tennessee accepts the government’s Medicaid handout, we will be indentured to the federal government and forced into Obamacare.

That’s something our Republican Senator doesn’t want. To stop it, he is introducing a bill. He writes:

Over the last two months we have been barraged with story after story of new, troubling issues arising from the federal government’s failed implementation of The purpose of my gesture to Secretary Sebelius was to underline that Tennessee does not trust the same government agency that cannot design a working website to properly design Medicaid expansion in our state.

That is why I again plan to push for passage of Senate Bill 804, which would prohibit our state from expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare. Passage of this bill is crucial next year because Tennessee is one of only two states that remain undecided on whether to accept Medicaid expansion. The legislative session reconvenes January 14, and I look forward to fighting for this and other bills for you from day one.

Governor Haslam is wavering on expanding Medicaid. I hope Kelsey is successful in helping to stop full implementation of Obamacare with this bill.

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