Obamacare Propaganda Blitz Begins

Word has gone out from the Obama administration to the media: Turn this health care debacle into a success! We need you or our entire progressive agenda – which we have worked on for 100 years – will fail. As fellow liberal/progressive/Democrats you must rally for us.

Of course, the media will comply. They always have and they are now.

Take a look at today’s Commercial Appeal. Today is the day the website is supposed to be ready. The first story about it is on page 8A. The headline tells you all you need to know: “White House: On track for website goal.” Subhead: “Administration says it will meet deadline for HealthCare.gov.”

I’d say that’s an atta boy. The AP story continues this blessing. “Progress was obvious Saturday night. Round the clock repair work since HealthCare.gov went live on Oct. 1 has produced fewer errors, and pages are loading faster.” Really? Says who? There weren’t any examples given.

There is more of the same. We are assured that there will be more hardware fixes and upgrades. The team will continue to make the site work smoothly for most of us. Obama’s promise has been met. It should be smooth sailing from now on.

If The Commercial Appeal were honest, they would have run some stories on the front page chronicling Memphians’ problems with Obamacare. I’m still waiting on that one.

Then on the Viewpoint pages the propaganda intensifies.

“TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES” tops the page. Under a graphic of the Healthcare.gov website is this subhead: “Federal government has history of computer flops.” So that makes it OK? Is that supposed to reassure us? In liberals’ minds, yes.

These things cost money, says the Bloomberg story. “Now even President Barack Obama is wondering why the government can’t get it right.” Let me translate: Obama has nothing to do with this debacle, so don’t blame him. “How we purchase technology in the federal government is cumbersome, complicated and outdated,” said President Barack Obama. “…it’s part of the reason why, chronically, federal IT programs are over budget, behind schedule” reads the pull quote.

So now it’s IT guys’ fault.

On Page 2 we get even more Obamacare propaganda. The whole page, in fact. One headline reads: “ACA enables conservative advances.” And what does that mean? It’s a slap to Republicans, explaining that Obamacare works in the big states and that will extend to the whole country. “Conservatives…should be careful not to get ahead of themselves. The rollout problems shouldn’t be confused with the law’s outright collapse.”

They tell us that the GOP will never be able to stop Obamacare and the law is “far from being driven to extinction.”

The other headline says “Obamacare will take us out of chaos.” Kind of like leading us to the promised land? Have you noticed chaos under the old plan? This author goes on to prove it by detailing how easy it was to get on the website and it was “just like Amazon. Very consumer friendly.” He describes the “friendly process of choosing a plan.” He finds a few problems, but concludes, “the right to coverage also comes with a responsibility. Young people, I’m calling you out.” Yeah, that will work. “Nothing comes free (duh!). The individual mandate ensures that we pay into the risk pool when we’re healthy. You can’t insure your car after it’s wrecked. Right?”

Not quite sure I follow that logic when it comes to covering pre existing conditions. And why would young people, who have been protected up to age 27 now on their parents’ plans, rally to pay? This part of the ACA alone dooms it as they are already cutting down on the pool of people they need the most to pay for the thing.

The media will continue to close ranks behind Obama on this ridiculous, stupid, economy breaking ACA. Where else but government would you find it acceptable to succeed only 80% as Democrats are saying? Mr. Midtown Republican wonders how they would like it if he only paid 80% of his taxes? Think that would go over well?

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