Sign of the Times

Could anything be more emblematic of the times we’re in than the fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral?

True, it didn’t happen here. But would you have been surprised if it had? Anyone around Obama and the president himself has a veracity problem. Kathleen Sebelius, the Emanuel bros, Press Secretary Jay Carney, Vice President Joe Biden and others on his staff grapple with the truth, turning and twisting it until it goes down our docile gullets. How do you explain “if you want your doctor you can keep your doctor” or Obama’s assertions that our insurance premiums would go down $2,500 under Obamacare – excuse me – the politically correct should be The Affordable Care Act? You can’t. They are lies.

They are blatant lies, just as the signer lied. Just like the signer, these people are fakes and do not have the ability to carry out their jobs knowledgeably. So they cheat and the press let’s them get away with it.

What if the signer had been promoting pornography? What if he had signed something that brought on a terrorist attack? What if he had been here and signed something that enraged an ally like Israel or an opponent like China? It could have sparked an international incident.

Fortunately, the sign reader was too inept for any of that. In the times in which we live, he was not vetted, investigated or examined. Neither was our president nor many of our leaders in Congress. It’s as if no one cares anymore and everyone gets the benefit of the doubt.

Then you have the issue of President Obama’s selfie. I’d like to say I was surprised he did that, but I wasn’t. It fits a pattern of narcissism he has displayed since he first came on the national stage. Remember the Greek columns at his acceptance speech? I don’t buy that Michelle was angry about that either. First of all, she’s always angry, isn’t she? Something always ticks her off. For all we know, she was mad there wasn’t enough attention being paid to her. Maybe she wanted her own selfie and Obama wouldn’t share the camera. She’s a match for her husband when it comes to vying for the spotlight.

In the world our framers planned, the press would play the role of interpreter. They would filter what a president said, picking out discrepancies, untruths or deceptions. They don’t do that anymore and our democracy is suffering from it. We are getting the same gibberish that sign language guy did. You might as well hear or see what you want to with this administration; the truth got lost in translation.

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