Incandescents Dimming

Did you know that as of January 1st, the 60 and 40 watt incandescent light bulbs will be illegal to manufacture or import? That means that there will be a limited time that you can buy them before they run out. They will join the 100 watt bulb in the hall of green infamy.

You will be doomed to buy the CFL twisties or the more expensive LEDs. How expensive? Home Depot says 60 watt bulbs are approximately 78 cents apiece while LEDs burn up about $12.97. Supposedly they last 15 times as long as the incandescent. However, I seem to remember CFLs first boasted they would last 7 years. I tried them and don’t remember one of them lasting even one year. Manufacturers or environmentalists who say LEDs last longer are probably similarly exaggerating.

The best deals for 40s and 60s may be found online. Mr. Midtown Republican was able to find much longer lasting 100 watt bulbs online and they do, indeed, outlast the hardware store variety.

Where is the Congressional Energy Committee on this subject? Our own Marsha Blackburn tried valiantly to fight the incandescent ban but maybe she’s burned out. I hope not, as this issue, like smart meters, is one that affects every American, not only in their wallet, but in an assault on their personal liberty.

When will our fellow Americans see the light and demand the government stop interfering with our rights? Are we a nation of dimwits? Hope that we aren’t is dimming.

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