Party Today!

Our Shelby County Republican Party has its annual Christmas Open House today. It is well worth attending. You meet your fellow Republicans along with Republican officials. You can also renew or pay dues of a measly $25 for the year.

When people discuss their dissatisfaction with the GOP, I have to ask OK, what are you doing about it? Are you involved enough to see to it that Republican and/or conservative values are upheld? Are you helping to lead a club or group in this direction? It is from the grassroots that the face of the Republican party emerges. You don’t have to be a lobbyist in D.C. or big money donor to effect change.

When people discuss their dissatisfaction with Memphis politics, I wonder if they have bothered to be informed or bothered to vote or bothered to do anything towards the direction they want the city to go. Memphis has plenty of problems – a billion in debt, bumpy roads, poor education, joblessness, pension troubles, etc. Griping about them won’t solve them. Letting current Democrat leaders have a free rein won’t help. It’s only when citizens get involved that any change can be made.

Today’s party from 2 to 4 at the Clubhouse at Devonshire Gardens, 3257 Devonshire Way in Germantown is an easy way to start. There will be food! There will be committed people who have sacrificed a lot of their free time to help their city and their country.

For more information, call 901-682-3335. All are welcome.

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