Ducking Controversy

Reports claim that President Obama is a fan of the show Duck Dynasty. According to CBN’s David Brody

“Our White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon actually invited some of the Robertson clan to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner earlier this year,” Brody told (Fox’s Megyn) Kelly. “And during that event actually the Robertsons were taken backstage to meet President Obama, where President Obama at that point said, ‘I love the show. I watch it on Air Force One all the time.’ Gave them some cuff links and said, ‘Hey, I really appreciate you.’ That was a private conversation that now has bubbled up.”

Then, since the brouhaha over patriarch Phil’s anti gay remarks bubbled up, it was claimed that Obama watches episodes of the show on Air Force One.

That strikes me as odd. So he’s a fan? I highly doubt it.

This from the man who said you can keep your insurance plan if you like your insurance plan. This from the president who told Americans he was pro life before the first election, only to decide he was pro abortion when he needed the votes of liberal women. This from the man who despises white middle class Americans and does everything he can to attack them as racists homophobes. This from the man who said he sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and never heard his attacks on America.

No sale here, Mr. President.

If he does watch it – which I doubt – he watches to make fun of the Robertson clan. They are just the kind of people he loves to mock. They are Christians, whites, Southerners, hard working Americans and people who have no need of government help. He probably loves giving them the finger (remember his podium finger action when mentioning Hillary in campaign appearances?). He probably loves to watch an episode or two with his buddy Reggie Love in the White House making fun of the way the Robertsons talk and act. Obama probably cracks a joke or two as they say a prayer at dinner as the show ends.

If he watches with Michelle and the girls, he may use the Duck Dynasty family as an example of what is wrong with America. I can see Michelle rolling those eyebrows of her as Christian values come up. They may use the show as a warning to their girls about what would happen to them should had they lived in the south or in rural America. They might have to hunt deer and eat squirrel instead of Kobe beef and organic vegetables. It could be a life lesson for them.

So when Obama blathers about liking the show, see it as his decoy. He has embraced them when they were popular, but he won’t be in their camp long. The Obama dynasty will trump the Duck Dynasty any day.

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