United States of Incompetence

It’s not just the Obamacare website that alarms Americans these days. It’s a disaster, yes. They’ve got it working after three months, but only if you want to open yourself to identity thieves or NSA spying. It’s working if you consider “working” to mean the insurance companies don’t know what their deadlines are, we don’t know whether anyone has paid a dime yet and people aren’t sure they’re covered.

Unfortunately, this incompetence is not new nor is it confined just to Obamacare. Look around you and there is nothing but government incompetence wherever you look.

Our schools are failing and the more money we put in them, the more they fail. Our postal system is failing and all they know to do is raise the price of a stamp. Our news reporting has long since gone fetid with an expiration date of about 1965.

In Midtown, most of us just have to look outside our window to see a big pile of incompetence. Literally. Two weeks ago tomorrow we had our leaves raked and bagged and placed on the curb for yard waste pickup. We wanted things to look nice for Christmas company.

Other neighbors did, too, tidying up their yards and putting the bags by the street.

They are all still sitting there. Only now they have been joined by Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands.

There was a time in this city when garbage was picked up twice a week. There was a time in this country when mail was delivered to your home twice a day.

Seems that all the modern technology we have developed has not done anything but make us regress.

Since Obama took office, this is the new norm.

It is a heaping big pile that stinks.

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