Incompetence Reigns

Here we are in Midtown now, looking at our third week of no garbage pickup for yard waste. Bags of leaves, abandoned Christmas trees and garland ropes litter the sidewalks. It looks like New York City in the 60s garbage strike days.

Merry Christmas and a great way to start the New Year!

The newspaper has said that because of the holiday, regular garbage pickup will be delayed a day. Our pickup day, Friday, has been pushed to Saturday. Don’t look for yard waste pickup, however; so this will go on indefinitely.

Now what sense does Saturday pickup make? Do they get extra pay for weekend work? Didn’t they know the dates/times of the holidays and prepare for adequate pickup? Doesn’t this happen every year?

I don’t begrudge any sanitation worker his holidays. Management seems to be the problem here. Or, rather, mismanagement.

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