Don’t Take Republic for Granted

Activist Yvonne Burton has been researching grants and how they have affected America. She asked me to post this informative piece to spread the word:

Grants = Redistribution of Wealth

America is at a crossroads. She is at the intersection of tyranny by a minority and the self-governing principles our country was founded on. If you have taken the red pill, you know that the cold wind of tyranny is blowing ever so slowly but surely. If you swallowed the blue pill, well, stop reading this now. If you haven’t watched The Matrix, watch it soon. It is the perfect analogy to what is going on in America. I wouldn’t want you to have to take an extra Prozac, or google conspiracy theories so snopes or can back up your blue pill realities. The truth hurts, though fortunately for students of History, the truth will out, eventually. One of the laws of economics is something that can’t go on forever won’t. The endless printing of money has propped up a failing economy for too long. But make no mistake, the endgame is near and what those of us who took the red pill are willing to do in the arena of self-governance will either reclaim the form of government we were blessed with or we will follow 95 percent of the rest of the world’s natural state which is anything and everything but liberty.
There are many things wrong in this country, but for the sake of keeping your attention, I will focus on one: Grants. Federal grants, State grants, local grants, it all sounds so benign but lurking behind those kumbaya sounding terms is a fact that grants are nothing more than a redistribution of wealth that began long before President Obama was on anyone’s radar. In order to come to grips with what grants are really about, one must be able to call them what they are and to understand that if you are for the principles of self-governance, then you can’t be OK with grant money when it’s a pet project you believe in. Grants allow governments and the people running government to centrally plan communities all the way down to the local level. It undermines the will of the people often and elected officials who like to brag about what they have done for their communities are addicted to it like crack. We need an intervention. This will not happen voluntarily. They must be brought to rehab kicking and screaming, but it must be done no matter how humane or charitable-like these grants are. It is spending taxpayer funds to finance whims and ideologies that MOST people don’t agree with. Ever heard of Solyndra? Yes, that was grant money on steroids and look where it got us. This will not stop unless YOU/WE make it stop.
Grant money, what is it, where does the money come from, and how could something so benign sounding be the makings of a totalitarian form of government? Easy, if they called it what it really is, taxpayers funds, most of these grants would never make it out of committee. Call it a neutral sounding name, and it’s like magic. Just like bills in congress pass because some genius decided to substitute the word taxes for revenues and investments for spending. Words mean things, but in our fast food world, thinking is not encouraged or rewarded. We must change and begin to challenge conventional thinking.
Conventional wisdom says that I, citizen nobody, cannot make a difference so why try? I will tell you why. Conventional wisdom is wrong. I can make a difference. When Benjamin Franklin walked out on the steps of the constitutional convention and a lady, named Mrs. Powell, asked Mr. Franklin what form of government did you give us sir? He replied, a republic madam, if you can keep it. So tell me, how could a woman who didn’t have voting rights or property KEEP her republic? The people that understand the beautiful and empowering form of government that we were given know, this is truly a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Most people do not understand that clichéd phrase. If they did, they would be at their local council and commission meetings upsetting the status quo. How many of you reading this, have ever been to a local meeting? How many of you have ever been to more than 2 , more than 3? Trust me when I say this….you want to turn you country around? Start at the local level where you actually have some power. Pay attention to the agendas of your local communities. These grants need to be questioned. Going to a local meeting and asking simple questions about these grants can sometimes thwart their approval. Sometimes, all it takes is the cleansing effect of the light of day to shine on a benign sounding grant. Public participation is critical and is absolutely where the focus needs to be for those who want to save this republic.
I have a challenge for you. Look of the website and click on
the infinite number of grants on their site. A lot of them have to do with education. That’s another topic for another day. The Green agenda is funded by grants. Try the Collaborative Forest Restoration grant, or the Geosciences grant which totals 752,000,000 MILLION DOLLARS. How about the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grant for a total of 23,345,000? Do we really need to fund libraries which have seen their importance diminish in the age of the internet to the tune of millions of dollars? Or how about the Office of Experimental Competitive Research to the tune of 111,110,000 so we can teach organizations how to compete for these grants? How about the Rural Business Enterprise grants totaling 42,8000,000? Farmers, if you don’t want the government in your backyards, stop taking the crack money. The borrower is slave to the lender. He who writes the checks writes the rules. Grant monies are corrupting the masses and the if you don’t like your government taking money from your wallet and putting it in someone else’s, well then you have to stop taking money for your purposes too. No matter how noble they seem. The free market cannot be free as long as this redistribution is corrupting the market. It starts with you, so lead by example…..
Remember the Boston Bombing? I bet you didn’t know the U.S. had spent
7,179,095 in federal grants for Chechnya related causes. If you would like a headache, google DHS grants that have awarded over 7 billion to urban areas and ask yourself, do we have anything to show for it? There’s no way this paper could document all of the wasteful spending that comes in the form of government grants but one way to get a handle on things is to watch your local government the way you would watch your favorite sports team or your favorite show. I promise, it is much more exciting than you think, and if you approach issues with logic and smart strategy coordinating with other like minded individuals, you can make a difference. A group of citizens here in Shelby County have become engaged and have made a difference on several different issues ranging from an oppressive animal code, property tax increases, and raises for an already well paid bunch of officials. If we had not shown up, these issues would have passed.
What if people already have the power to take back their government
but they don’t know it and have been mislead to believe that our participation is futile. Why then do you think they have tried to demonize the tea party? Why do you think one of the signs you might be a terrorist is you are calling for civic engagement of the people? It is necessary that they demonize the tea party because the tea party has caught on that the problem is not the party, the media, or anyone official. We have met the problem and the problem is US. These other negative forces, like the parties, the media, and elected officials would fall by the wayside if THE PEOPLE would do what Benjamin Franklin told them too. KEEP the republic, if you can?

Start small, but start somewhere.

Don’t just do something, do something that works.

It is not enough to be informed, you must ACT.

Grants accommodated by our ever so generous FED are robbing YOU blind.
You can stop them from robbing you by holding your local governments accountable. You say you don’t have time? You don’t know what to do? Then get ready to bow down to your new overlords. Something that can’t go on forever won’t and we are fast approaching the reality that Greece woke up to years ago. Grant money is redistribution of wealth no matter how you define it. If you don’t believe in socialism/communism then why are you not doing something about it? This problem didn’t start with Obama, Bush did a pretty good job of abandoning the free market to supposedly save it. What are you going to do besides post stories on facebook and twitter, email your friends stories about what is happening to this country? That is not enough. You must act on the knowledge you have and work to change things which means you have to put out some effort and change your priorities. If you don’t have time, then make time. If you don’t, then who will?

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