Groundhog Day

It isn’t February yet, but that’s the feeling that comes over me when I see Obama on TV as he was this morning.

He’s pushing his class warfare rhetoric and blathering on about the need to extend unemployment for those who have passed the 99 weeks. It could have been any other liberal topic because no matter what it is, it all looks the same.

He had the same group of politically correct people standing behind him on the podium in the East Room. It’s always heavy on the women and they all react like Stepford Wives anyhow. They wear the same expression they always do: listening intently, but like they really don’t understand what he’s talking about. No matter, they just love him anyhow.

Turn the volume to mute and it’s the same stylistic tricks he’s used since he became president. He moves his head from side to side, back and forth like he’s watching a tennis match. His eyes dart around in conjunction with the movement. He lifts up his chin when he wants to make a jab. From time to time he lifts his hands from the podium. In a long shot you can see he always seems to put one foot behind him, toes pointing to the floor.

Obama’s voice is the same – somewhat flat. He pauses often and stutters when it comes to a point he makes that even he knows is a blatant lie. We’re always “folks” to him, too, which irritates me no end.

He quoted a mythical “Catherine.” She must be the new Julia. Democrats like to tell made up stories like that because their kindergarten type followers can understand without having to think too much.

He might as well shrug his shoulders when he talks, too. His message is always that he had nothing to do with any of the mess he’s talking about. President for five years, but still not responsible for the economic situation he is dissing. “I had nothing to do with it” is his mantra.

Of course, his speechifying is long. Took him about 30 minutes to make his points, which centered on how the Republicans should do what he wants.

I was struck today that he isn’t even a good actor. His speech coach taught him one way and he uses that all the time.

In a sane world, the Republicans would shoot this down blindfolded.

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