A True Carney

Press Secretary Jay Carney, who managed to look even more repulsive than he did previously now that he has a beard (Duck Dynasty, anyone?), might as well be the barker at an amusement park.

He wants us to get on board with everything Obama does and lies and spins to snooker us. It was quite evident at today’s press briefing. Carney was quickly asked about former Defense Secretary Bob Gates’ book that disparages President Obama.

First, the press asked about Biden, who is portrayed as an idiot in Gates’ book. A woman asked if this was the motive for the White House taking pictures of Biden and Obama having lunch today, something not normally done. Carney giggled nervously and that the president and vice president “have a standing weekly lunch.” Just a coincidence, huh?

Then he said something that could be taken two ways: “Everyone who has covered us and knows how the White House functions has any doubt about the president’s faith in vice president Biden as an advisor and counsel.” No faith? Miniscule?

Asked about Gates, Carney gave the rehearsed line, “The president greatly appreciates his service to his country.” He said the president “expects to hear competing points of view” and referred to the “team of rivals” term Obama nudged reporters to use when he first took office. Really, you wanted to gag.

The most important thing was what wasn’t said. Carney never refuted any charges Gates makes in his book.

Even a carnival barket couldn’t get that whopper out.

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