Governing the News

In all the hubbub about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie yesterday by salivating Democrats and the liberal media, you’d think he had lost $1.6 billion of investor money in a shady scheme. Or that he had cheated on his wife with another guy. Or that he had slipped out of any malfeasance because politicians at the top gave him a pass.

Or that he physically threatened a talk radio host who criticized his wife. Or maybe that he inflicted a $2.8 billion tax increase on residents of New Jersey, the largest increase of any state in American history.

All those things couldn’t be as bad as Christie being unaware that Fort Lee residents were purposefully being made to suffer for four days with heavy traffic.

You see, his predecessor, Governor and later Senator Jon Corzine, did have a big problem with funds. So big, in fact, that National Review called it the “Crime of the century: How a top Obama bundler broke a never-broken law of commodities trading.”

Briefly, the former Goldman Sachs CEO became head of MF Global. As an investment bank, MF Global was not supposed to use clients’ funds like a bank or traditional brokerage house. He did anyway, investing heavily in Europe and losing investor money before going bankrupt. Friends at the top saved him from any responsibility in the debacle.

I don’t remember the national press calling for his head.

Heavy traffic is obviously much worse, too, than had the governor flauted the law, not wearing his seat belt while being driven in a speeding SUV resulting in hospitalization. Can you imagine the blowback that would have on Christie had he done what Corzine did, there, too?

Then there is Jim McGreevey. He had a short tenure as governor, resigning in 2004 after it came out that he was having an affair with another man, even though he was married with two children. Still, the press didn’t get as worked up about that as Christie’s traffic snarl.

How about Richard Codey, New Jersey Governor, threatening the radio host over his wife’s mental condition? As a Democrat, he got a pass, as did Richard Florio, author of the aforementioned taxapalooza.

No, Christie, as a Republican, must be derided as the worst guy ever because he didn’t know about traffic delays on the George Washington Bridge.

You might want to ask MF Global investors, McGreevey’s wife, the talk radio guy or the citizens of the state who had to tighten their belts which is worse.

I think I know what the answer is.

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