Fundraiser a Success

Dan Michael
Dan Michael, center, was surrounded by supporters at Wednesday’s Meet and Greet.

Last night’s Meet and Greet for Juvenile Court Special Judge Dan Michael had a packed house. Republicans and friends of the judge turned out to contribute to his upcoming campaign in a big way.

A side room at El Toro Loco on Poplar held the crowd who snacked on nachos, guacamole and chips, spilling into the hall as the noise level elevated.

Judge Michael thanked all who came. Since this year will have a jumbo ballet with most judges, probate clerk, juvenile court clerk, district attorney and a raft of others, Republicans are particularly concerned that our voters know who are candidates are, then go out and vote.

As Michael explained, it is particularly difficult for judges. They are not appointed, but elected like other politicians, but they cannot campaign like politicians. They have severe restrictions on what they can do. That makes it tough.

Coincidentally, Judge Michael was featured in an article on page one of the Commercial Appeal this morning. He had a youth of 14 in front of him in court allegedly involved in rapes, attacks and thefts. It’s got to be tough to deal with that every day.

Luckily, Judge Michael is up to the task. We want to keep him in that post for the next four years.

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