Film Combats Common Core

Last night I attended Campaign for Liberty’s screening of “Common Core: Dangers and Threats” put out by the Freedom Project Education.

It’s a good encapsulation of all the problems that a Common Core curriculum will bring to our democracy. One of the narrators calls it a Trojan horse because Common Core brings with it an army of regulations, spying and psychological tools to change the way Americans think about the United States.

Interestingly, the movie notes the synchronicity to Obamacare. Many of us don’t realize how much there is about schools embedded in the Affordable Care Act. The narrators also talk about how the push for pre-K programs and the emphasis on anti bullying issues tie into Common Core.

Lastly, Common Core is like entitlement programs. The government gives and takes away funds from states, depending on how they comply. It becomes a necessity to depend on it. As they ask, when does an entitlement program, once started, every go away?

The movie is below and runs 70 minutes.

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