Story That Makes You Go Hmmm

Today’s Commercial Appeal Local section has this headline: “Lowery Seeks Individual Meters.” The subhead reads “Cites water cutoffs that hurt tenants.”

Interesting. The story goes on to say that “Memphis City Councilman Myron Lowery wants all new apartments and condominiums to install individual water meters for each unit, according to a news release.” It continues, saying that water is sometimes cut off to all tenants in a building when one hasn’t paid the bill or from leaks, discommoding everyone.

If it were anyone but Myron Lowery suggest this I might think it makes sense. But what is his connection to meters? Is something fishy going on? In the discussion of smart meters, it was and is Myron Lowery who is 125% behind them. He almost got into a brawl with an elderly man over smart meters at the library public meeting. Why? If something is that great, wouldn’t people clamor for it? Or does he get something for helping push them through?

Now he’s onto water meters. I find it hard to believe that his compassion is so great that he fears for innocent apartment dwellers, given that arguments about smart meters starting fires or causing bodily harm through emissions didn’t move him in the slightest.

Now this issue of water meters is going to come up before the Council on Tuesday. Where’s a good journalist when you need one?

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