Vitter Switch a Sign?

National Review reports that Senator David Vitter (R-La) is going to run for governor next year. Bobby Jindal is term limited, so the door is open to another candidate.

Vitter has been in the Senate for two terms. Perhaps he is growing tired of the fight with Democrats in the capital or perhaps he doesn’t think he could get reelected in the current climate because he is not conservative enough.

Ace of Spades suggests “conservative insurgents are winning the battle of ideas within the GOP.” He might be right, if you’ll pardon the pun. In a red state, people expect a red blooded Republican candidate to act that way when he goes to D.C. Vitter can also run without giving up his Senate seat.

A November poll evidently put Vitter significantly ahead of his closest opponent in the primary.

Here’s Vitter’s statement:

Now wouldn’t it be interesting if Bobby Jindal decided to take his spot in the Senate?

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