RNC Highlighting GOP Clubs

A few years ago at the Lincoln Day Dinner here, Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman, was the guest speaker. After the dinner I asked him about Republican Clubs around the nation. It seemed to me that the RNC needed to give them a forum to discuss what clubs do, how they get members, etc.

Last month an individual started doing just that. His name is Dick Alford and here is his introduction.

What is the National Association of Republican Clubs . . . and Why Do We Need It?

We all feel that the individual Republican clubs are the grassroots of the party. We have close contact with voters through our monthly meetings, newsletters and other emails – certainly more than anyone in the state or national GOP organizations. Yet our club never received any communications or support from these organizations…we had to find our own way.

My name is Dick Alford and I am the past President of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club, located twenty miles north of Tucson, AZ. I became a Director on the Board of the Club five years ago when we had 450 members; when I left the club last year as President, we had 924 paid members.

Since I am retired and still have an interest in Republican clubs, I thought that there must be a way for clubs across the country to become bigger and stronger through the experiences of other clubs.

I talked to the Presidents of several clubs to find out how they felt about sharing information about the methods, strategies and techniques they use to manage their club. And all of them felt there was a definite need to share experiences.

And so the National Association of Republican Clubs was formed to serve as a clearinghouse of information through a monthly Newsletter and on-line Discussion Forum. The Newsletter is free and only available to Republican Clubs. We ask minimal information about your club, which is confidential, to help us serve all size clubs. The Association does not have a membership fee and is not supported by any political party or candidates. We do not support any candidates but will show clubs how to support the candidates of their choice.

We are also in the process of including an on-line Discussion Forum here so, if you have ideas or questions that may benefit other clubs, you can discuss it. We feel that this will be a great place to get new ideas and possible solutions to challenges.

Dick Alford
Natl. Assoc. of Republican Clubs

The website is republicanclubs.org and promises to be an exciting forum for Republicans across the land.

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