Obama’s Friday Schedule

Looking at White House Dossier blog this morning, I peeked at the presidential day. The blogger, Keith Koffler, routinely lists Obama’s schedule.

Today’s was shocking.

Lots of work, you might ask? Enough problems with Obamacare to consume him? World problems in Iran, Syria, Ukraine, China to engage him? Security problems at the Olympics or at home? Al Qaeda working on Iraq, Egypt or Libya? Moody’s downgrading the economy of insurance companies? Meeting with speech writers about the State of the Union address Tuesday? Working with Congress or the Senate; at least with the Democrats, that is? Malia’s math homework need a hand? Bo need a walk?

No. Only one thing: Obama’s 10 a.m. daily briefing.

That’s it. It’s scary. Scary for one of two reasons. A) He’s secretly meeting with union members, lobbyists and Valerie Jarrett to further destroy the nation and the Constitution. B) He really doesn’t see any of the issues as important enough to cut into his TGIF party. Either way, we’re screwed.

The latter is preferable to the former. I’d rather he just step back and let others handle things. I’d like to think he’s just inept or uncaring. But, I fear this could actually mean we go back to A).

If asked he would probably blame George W. Bush, the cold weather, government snow shut down or Republicans for his inaction. But no one will question it because the media, outside of Fox, has a love for him rivaling that of Justin Bieber fans.

Uh, oh. We all know what happened when Bieber took the wheel. Feeling better?

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