Worth a Listen

No one understands the smart meter issue like the electrical workers at MLGW. Their union, the IBEW, has been against them from the start and not just because they will lose a few jobs from smart meters.

Members of the IBEW have joined forces with Tea Party people, Republicans, black and white Memphians to warn against the high cost of the meters, the physical dangers of them, the loss of freedom they will bring about and the loss of security they ensure.

Every Saturday, members Rick Thompson and Bill Hawkins have a radio show on KWAM-990 that talks about smart meters and behind the scenes doings in government and at MLGW that all Memphians need to know about. The show airs from 3:05 to 5 p.m. and whenever I tune in I learn a lot.

Tomorrow the hosts will talk to State Representative Terry Roland. You can phone in and ask him questions. Topics will also include alleged Block Grant Funds being mismanaged/stolen at MLGW. An investigation is supposed to be going on and it is important because misusing/stealing Federal Government funds is a federal offense and a violation of many MLGW policies. Rick Thompson writes, “Many employees and others who are concerned with this allegation are waiting to see how MLGW President Jerry Collins will handle this situation and how they are going to exempt firing management personnel who are allegedly responsible and/or what spin they are going to put on this matter to save them. I assure you this situation will not go away.”

Another topic is the JD Power Survey which has put MLGW at the bottom.

You will find yourself in agreement with many of the opinions the union guys have.

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