Drudge Warning

There has been a lot of talk about Matt Drudge’s tweet: “Have an Exit Plan.” The man who runs the Drudge Report, many say, is privy to a lot of information the rest of us don’t have. Could he be giving everyone a warning?

The only problem is what kind of an exit plan. Because if you look around, the country has so many deep problems, it’s hard to know which might explode next and how you cover yourself depending on what it is.

The economy? Not hard to see that there are big issues there. The past five days have seen the Dow dive. Despite the reassurance that the Fed will continue to do the pump, many do not believe it. And so what if they did? It’s not a healthy or natural way to act.

Worries about China’s economy? Who can believe what their government says? We can’t even believe what our government says anymore, much less a totally propaganda controlled one. Our news services rarely cover much of what happens there. You don’t hear about the people-less towns they build, then tear down. They just want to keep their people working. Or how about the possible Japan China war over some islands? Evidently the Chinese do not believe that World War II truly ended for them.

Europe’s a mess, too, but our media doesn’t want to share the bad experiences of Greece and Spain with their 25-50% youth unemployment and high suicide rate.

Does he mean domestic spying? We know the NSA is following everything even ordinary people do. The latest, the going after conservative filmmaker Dnesh DSouza is a chill wind for everyone, espeically following the IRS Tea Party attacks.

Does Drudge mean our health care system? We know it’s imploding, but that will not stop him from pushing it off on us. So what if more people are uninsured, premiums are high, doctors are scarce and research grinds to a halt?

Does Drudge mean Marshall Law being imposed? Does he mean food and or power shortages? Does he mean we should exit the country, exit our banks, exit our cities?

The scary part is that so many areas are applicable. Guess will have to see what Matt Drudge himself does.

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