Core Attack Begins

Have you heard the ad for Common Core that has been playing on talk radio? It is two women, supposedly a mom and her child’s teacher. The teacher starts talking about how Common Core is “raising the bar” on education and how it emphasizes real world learning. She continues that it has made Tennessee No. 1 in most improved schools in the nation. Then they cackle about how anyone could be opposed to same standards for everyone. The web link they quote is Who could be against prosperity for all Tennesseans, eh?

Yes, it’s all unicorns and rainbows and those of us who oppose it are mean spirited, racist Neanderthals. We hate children and want them all to fail.

It is really offensive to hear such propaganda spouted. As a woman, I resent how women are used by liberals to advance their causes. We’re not supposed to think about issues, just feel. And those feelings are bleeding hearts, sob sister emotions that propel us to embrace anything that might evoke motherly, protectionary feelings (except abortion and contraception).

Notice how these ads never give you a sample of what Common Core is or invite you to look into it. What mom has time out of her busy work day to do that anyhow, right?

These ads always represent big money, too. They don’t talk about that. Only Tea Party and Republican people have money, don’t you know. But liberals and Democrats (is there a difference anymore?) spend like, well like they do tax money – with abandon. They know their only hope for getting this crap through is to hammer the same points so many times you accept them as true.

I hope they run into the same brick wall our Memphis elites ran into with their pre-K push. Opponents to that outrageous plan didn’t spend one percent of what the losers did. Grassroots efforts may well stop Common Core, too.

Here’s a newsletter with actual knowledge of Common Core. It’s worth a look:

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