A Toast in the Offing?

The Red, White and Food campaign to get wine sold in grocery stores may soon have something to celebrate. Advocates write of their progress:

Yesterday was a great day for the wine in retail food stores campaign.

Members of the House Local Government Committee voted to pass the bill. The bill was amended during the committee meeting to be solely about the referendum to give communities that already allow liquor-by-the-drink and/or retail package stores the right to vote on wine sales.

The House State Government Committee also passed a bill, adding amendments during the meeting to include items that have been agreed on by retail food stores and liquor stores, such as liquor stores’ ability to sell additional merchandise.

These are huge wins for Tennesseans, and we hope the momentum continues tomorrow as we turn our attention to the Senate.

The wine legislation will be put to a vote on the Senate floor tomorrow, Jan. 30. If you have not already done so, please take the time to email your senator and encourage him or her to vote YES on the wine in retail food stores bill. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is! Click the link below to easily draft and send an email to your senator.

The Red White and Food Team

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

Glad to see our Republican majority is moving forward on this issue of free markets and personal freedom.

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