A Central Gardens Issue

Garbage collection is quickly becoming a flash point issue in our city.

At Christmas I was appalled at how long it took to get curb pickup of bags of leaves and discarded trees. It took three weeks for my street to get anything picked up. It spoils the whole point of your neighborhood and home looking nice for Christmas celebrations when the front and curbs are spilling over with trash.

Then we see that an “expert” the city has paid recommends that citizens be billed for yard waste pickups. In an area like Midtown, with all our trees, this could be a substantial fee increase. They are talking about $15 per 5 bags. Look around and you’ll see that many people have 40-50 bags of leaves at a time throughout the winter to be picked up. You could pay more for leaf pickup than groceries!

Now comes this from Central Gardens Association:

I invite everyone to join me in sending an email to our Mayor and city council about the dropping of alley garbage collection. While some of you receiving this may not have alley garbage collection, others will. Personally I see alley garbage collection as a historic part of this neighborhood and quite frankly a premium service, in that garbage cans are not scattered about on non-collection days. However this issue, served with short notice by the city, failed to take into account other problems that this causes. Issues such as homes that have no access to front yards from back yards (i.e. no driveways, no walkways, etc). Does the city intend to have these people leave there garbage carts on the front porches? Does the city intend to pay for access to be put in?

Also the neighborhood is in a constant struggle to keep these alleyways clean and safe. Having the city vehicles rolling through there even once a week (even though I liked it better when we had garbage two days a week) absolutely helps with safety. Also people having to go back there to put the garbage out incentivizes the homeowners to keep the alleys cleaner and thereby safer. The problems we never see tend to be the problems that we don’t fix….and that is likely to be what will happen to the alleys when no one has a reason to go back there anymore. Weeds will flourish, trash that the city no longer will pick up (if you haven’t been reading about that you should be) will be thrown back there to rot.

This short sighted effort by the waste collection department solves no problems and creates tons of problems. Write the Mayor (mayor@memphistn.gov) and write our city council members. Our City Council members for everyone east of Willett are: Reid.Hedgepeth@memphistn.gov, Shea.Flinn@memphistn.gov, Kemp.Conrad@memphistn.gov, and Jim.Strickland@memphistn.gov. For everyone west of Willet they are Myron.Lowery@memphistn.gov, Janis.Fullilove@memphistn.gov, Joe.Brown@memphistn.gov, and Edmund.Fordjr@memphistn.gov.


The writer is not mentioning the very real problem of vermin infestation this negligence encourages.

You have to wonder where our tax money goes. It doesn’t go for streetlights; we now pay those. It doesn’t go for road repair; we’re full of potholes. Some of it goes for vector control, but probably that will need to be hiked, too!

Politicians wonder why people are leaving the city and moving to counties where there are no such fees and penalties.

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