Check Your District

Yesterday’s mail brought a surprise. I received a booklet from the Shelby County Election Commission entitled “Registration and Voting Requirements in Shelby County” and a new voter card.

Reason for issue at the top stated District Change. My precinct is the same, but now I am in State Senate District 29 instead of the 30 I was in before.

This means we go from Senator Jim Kyle to Senator Ophelia Ford. Mr. Midtown Republican’s response was “Oh, terrific.” I don’t think there was any sincerity in his remark.

Oddly enough, he did not get the same voter card notice, although we have voted like twins at our precinct since the 1980s. Perhaps it is because my first name is alphabetically in front of his. Perhaps it is our civic inability for efficiency. The mail will answer this question.

Be on the lookout for your own district changes as you will want to know your candidates before you vote.

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