Intolerant Liberals

Liberals act like they are the compassionate, freedom loving, no hang ups, good part of the electorate. Their actions, though, tell another story.

In fact, there is no one quite as intolerant as a liberal. It became particularly apparent to me yesterday in looking at the Nextdoor Central Gardens Area Association email that I get several times a day. Somehow the “newsletter” got off the topics of missing pets and repair services into Senator Brian Kelsey.

I was a little taken aback, but shouldn’t have been. Liberals/Democrats have highjacked social media. Whenever they can, they inject politics in it.

The topic had to do with Kelsey’s bill, the “Religious Freedom Act.” It seeks to shield individuals and businesses from lawsuits for refusing services and goods to save sex couples “if doing so would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

It’s a problem that has gained national attention with several cases of bakers who did not want to make a wedding cake for gay marriages. The courts have slapped them down and, in essence, denied them freedom of religion and the right to pursue happiness.

Kelsey’s bill doesn’t sound unAmerican to me, but it riled many.

One person wrote:

State Senator Brian Kelsey (Germantown) is sponsoring a bill in the Tennessee General Assembly that would allow a person or a religious organization to refuse service to someone based on their religious objections if that service would further a marriage or civil union not valid under Tennessee’s constitution (that’s code for “gay or lesbian couples”). It’s no secret that Sen. Kelsey spends a lot of time in restaurants and bars in the Cooper Young Historic District in Midtown Memphis, an area know to be gay -friendly. Should these Midtown businesses be allowed to refuse service to the Senator for sponsoring a bill which violates their sincerely held religious beliefs?

That got ugly fast, didn’t it? I see that the same writer is also chair and president of the Tennessee Equality Project, so he’s no uninvolved bystander.

Others said:

Probably not…
Keep him out

Let’s not sink to his level. Tell our legislators, including Sen. Kelsey, how we feel about such discrimination and help defeat the bill. Then vote him out of office.

Yes, keep his ass out of CY restaurants.

Depends on whether he’s with his boyfriend…

Tolerant, aren’t they?

I wonder if some of those commenters would like to be forced to do business with people they don’t like or share beliefs with like Mormons, polygamists, pedophiles or KKK members? Probably not since they already don’t want Kelsey in their favorite spots.

What Kelsey sees is where this argument is ultimately headed. The end goal is to force priests and reverends to marry same sex couples against their faith and beliefs. That would be intolerable to many and starts supplanting the government for religion. It also works on dissolving the traditional family unit.

It’s hard to understand why some of our fellow Americans want to shackle others. Whatever happened to live and let live and the right to do what an individual deems right?

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