Devil Made Them Do It

Last year’s TV miniseries “The Bible” had many people noting the similarity between Barack Obama and Satan. The likeness was head turning.

But he’s been cast out of the spin off movie, “Son of God.” The Blaze reports:

Downey told TheBlaze Thursday that the controversy over the devil was a distraction that took attention away from the power of “The Bible” — a media furor that she believes was the direct result of spiritual warfare.

So, she decided to remove Satan entirely from “Son of God,” the couple’s new film that heads to the big screen Feb. 28.

Downey, who appeared in the popular 90s TV show “Touched By an Angel,” said she was disappointed, disheartened and surprised over the media coverage that broke out after comparisons were made between Satan and Obama.

She should have been glad, heartened and encouraged that so many saw the resemblance.

And, how does someone ignore Satan in the story of Jesus? What about the temptation of Christ in the desert or the casting out of demons he did throughout the New Testament?

This looks like either coercion or stupidity on the filmmakers’ part. Which do you think?

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