Headlines, Facts Don’t Coexist

The liberal media shapes every headline to the advantage of B.O. Sometimes, though, reality seeps through and they are forced to admit that we’re not in the best of all possible worlds.

Take today’s Commercial Appeal. If you really look at their headlines you see that we’re in a most pathetic of all possible worlds.

Front page: “Tenn. colleges look at fee hike; subhead “Tuition dollars not enough.” Are they ever? Why can’t anything run on a budget? Then “Solar surge seeks green.” OK. “Campaign not generating needed cash.” Yes, that Obama energy policy is really working, isn’t it? “Sochi Struggle” with subhead: “Winter of discontent for American athletes.” Maybe they are a microcosm of the public back home? “Rejection by VW workers at Tenn. plant hurts auto union.” That’s the brightest spot on the front page and it also mirrors how the American people feel.

In the Local section it’s “Fairley student carried weapon; 3rd incident there in week; parents alerted.” All the anti gun people must be so proud of how it’s working, eh? Educators, too.

In the Business section it’s “Coming soon: higher gas prices.” See page 1 for Obama’s great energy policies. But this negativity can’t be allowed so the subhead reads “But likely less than in years past.” Well, that’s comforting, isn’t it? And isn’t that how they keep ratcheting up prices with the swings up and down? The editors try to make the economy look good with this headline: “Michigan consumer sentiment index unchanged in Feb.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement, so they follow with “Confidence stronger than projected.” Still, hardly a bell ringer.

Then we have “Agencies worry veteran education dollars wasted.” What is newsy about that? Just about all are dollars are wasted, aren’t they?

There’s a strange mix of fact and fiction in news today. Maybe that’s why TV reality shows are so popular. Facts, meet fiction.

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