Tea Party Brews Action on IRS

The Tea Party is fighting back against the IRS. In 2012 they were hampered by the IRS in the elections and now we are all threatened by new tyrannical rules meant to stop opposition to Democrats.

There is a state day of action today through Friday in Tennessee. Coordinators seek to get the word out about the IRS’ attempt to target citizens for their political and religious beliefs. The IRS is now attempting to make their target practice legal. This is an assault on our 1st amendment rights. This is oppressing our right to free speech.

Tea Party activists are asking everyone to call Congress and protest this attempt. They also are asking that citizens flood the IRS with comments or write a letter to the editor to inform fellow citizens.

Point out that the proposed IRS regulations are not acceptable. They will stifle political speech and make it more difficult for citizens to act against government they don’t like. The new rules will codify the targeting of 501 (c)(4) organizations. This is blatant discrimination.

These new rules make it illegal for a 501(c)(4) organization to participate in voter registration activities as well, host forums or debates with our representatives in Washington, to publish voter guides and voting records and to even mention the names of elected officials in public statements.

The media will not speak for us. We must take it on ourselves to contact our legislatures and protest.

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