Warring With History

If you’ve ever visited the National World War II museum in New Orleans (formerly the D Day Museum), you’ve experienced one of the best museums in the nation. Exhibits lay out in an engaging way the prelude to the war, the effort to rebuild our military once war was declared, the efforts in both theaters and the Normandy invasion.

People who had relatives who served in that war and even young people who haven’t learned much about it in history classes, get a feel for what it was like on the home front, the battlefields and in the air.

One of the first and most compelling exhibits is the graphic showing our military in the 1930s. It had been drastically cut back and was woeful lagging behind other countries. It was an understandable reaction by a young country that had just experienced a devastating war and that had not been threatened on our own turf. The number of our soldiers was dwarfed by those of Germany and Japan. Our industrial readiness was pathetic, too. Basically, we were still using horses for the few military drills we held. It was miraculous that we were able to pull ourselves out of this and win the war.

Now we hear that President Obama wants to take our military back to those pre World War II days. Incredible! Haven’t we learned how dangerous that is? Now, when we have more threats building than ever and the sense that the U.S. shies from any kind of military engagement, he has placed us in a perilous situation.

Next time we won’t have months in which to construct weapons. It’s a much faster world. They can hit us – in a variety of ways – that will paralyze us. We won’t be able to respond fast enough.

It might be a consolation to think Obama was channeling some funds towards efforts to resist foreign hacking of our monetary system and energy grids. Or that he was concentrating on preventing an EMP attack. But we know this is not happening. The man would be happy to see us crippled. From his actions you can only conclude that he wants us to be a docile, compliant, globe centered nation willing to suffer lifestyle downgrades and loss of economic power to further the interests of third world countries. Not that that would even happen. They’d still be poor and we would join them.

Don’t expect citizens to be outraged and demand this be stopped. No one seems shocked anymore. Few are engaged. Too many of us are concerned with our own pleasures and pursuing them. Few think our lives could ever really be changed. They are fanatical about sports, movies, dining out, drinking, some pot smoking, the internet and games. Who has time to reflect and think about the good of the nation?

We are warring with history in doing this. But this time the stakes are perhaps higher than in any time in history, what with nuclear warheads, EMPs and biological weapons.

The Greatest Generation is gone to remind us. Bet they would know what to do.

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