Insider Tips Off Happenings in Ukraine

Blogger DW Ulsterman has a rare message from one of his insiders, the Wall Street guy. It’s easy – and the media’s wont – to dismiss any kind of conspiracy theory about Obama. But you’d have to be quite naive to think something normal is going on in Washington nowadays.

Ulsterman prefaces:

I have seen little to nothing of this in the media, but received a tidbit of information from an individual whose opinion I value greatly and whose earlier warnings have so often proven far too accurate for comfort. There was much in the message of a personal nature, and it will remain personal. What is being published here are just those details pertinent to the events in Ukraine, and a somewhat out of left field (at least to me) suggestion that what took place surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, was no mere accident, but an event orchestrated, and pushed by Saudi sponsored interests in order to slow and/or delay U.S. energy production.

Then he shares the Wall Street Insider’s thoughts:

It’s time we speak again.

…What is unfolding in Ukraine is but a singular move within a much larger chess match. Russia, China, and the Saudis are all heavily invested, as are some of the major LNG (liquid natural gas) producing entities both here and abroad.

It is economic politics, a very old game, from which the few are hoping to control the many. Why the media does not indicate the truth of this, I don’t know. Perhaps every mouth and pen has been bought out already. Then again, I watch and read much less from any of that clatter these days. Partly due to physical challenges, and partly due to it gives me a headache listening to impudent children lie so easily and so often.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian government has “turned off the gas” to the Ukraine no fewer than forty times. Some outside that realm know of that already, but what even fewer know is that former Ukraine President Yanukovych had just last year, approved a ten billion dollar LNG exploration agreement with U.S. based Chevron. Please look it up yourself to confirm. Three months later, and he is literally run out of office. Coincidence? You know better than that by now, don’t you? If people would but pay closer attention to such agreements, they would have a far better idea of what may soon follow. There is much money to be made off of such temporary destabilizations. George certainly knows his way around such things, and I was informed CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) will enjoy a quite reasonable profit as well.

This coincides with the massive LNG reserves both known and projected, within the United States, and throughout North America. While Russia and China share concerns of our potential to become the world leader in energy production, it is the Saudis and their Middle East partners, who have invested billions to prevent that very thing from happening. Have you noted how the upheaval in the Ukraine has coincided almost to the day, with the media generated push to renew efforts to combat “climate change”? Again, there are no coincidences here, and certainly far beyond the paltry sum of Mr. Steyer, who is nothing more than a foolish pawn. What is the saying about a fool and his money? Rather, it is all part of a plan, now being orchestrated, with pertinent players intact, very much including the Man Calling Himself Obama.

We are in the third act of this Saudi funded play. Years earlier, it was the Deepwater Horizon disaster which initiated this latest curtain to rise. Deepwater and the current chaos in Ukraine are words from the very same script. Did you note the delay in Mr. Rainey’s trial today? His defense has proven an equally adept offense, as Holder’s DOJ considers the implications of what they are attempting. A well funded defense will provide such a counter attack, and a well funded defense Mr. Rainey has most certainly been afforded. Often times, criminals discover the real truth was better left unsaid, and there is currently no greater criminal in these United States, than one Eric Himpton Holder.

Despite my own personal challenges, I fight on, and very much enjoy watching you doing the same.

Doubters might want to consider things that have been popping up in the news lately. Why did all of this Ukraine problem erupt during the Olympics? Was it because people were more engaged in watching the games than seeing the game Putin is playing? Via Gazprom, the Russian energy conglomerate that feeds energy to eastern Europe, Putin has been able to control those countries by threat of turning off their heat and gas. Could he have felt threatened by the recent oil/shale agreement Ukraine had made with Chevron? Details are here: Seems the deal was due to be completed in March.

The George he mentions is, of course, George Soros. Isn’t it interesting that he recently bet a lot of money against U.S. currency? His style is to manipulate everything. Manipulating currency in Great Britain and Thailand shot his billions into the stratasphere. He is funding everything the right wants to stop in this country from school board elections in Mississippi to university projects to put monitors in media newsrooms.

Doesn’t it strike even the most casual observer that President Obama didn’t protest much about the events in Ukraine? He gave a few weak warnings about as effective as a Tums against the norovirus. Do you think he’s just dumb or does this play into a bigger plan?

And what about the war against fracking? And the delay of the Keystone Pipeline? They don’t make any sense unless you want to halt U.S. energy production. And how convenient was it that the Gulf Coast oil spill happened after he became president? It certainly activated a lot of green people to halt more oil production in our Gulf. The Mr. Rainey he refers to is David Rainey, the former BP vice president for exploration in the gulf, whose trial just got delayed by the DOJ:

And the Steyer he mentions is liberal activist Tom Steyer, who just pledged to spend $100 million in the 2014 election cycle to promote his favored cause of fighting climate change.

We’re in a time when news breaks so fast and there is so much of it in many different media, that the average American or sincere reporter gets whiplash trying to follow it all. It gives cover to all of these goings on we should be looking at and connecting the dots.

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