O’Reilly Schools Cohen on Studies

Our ninth district representative, Steve Cohen, went on the O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night to continue his push for legalization of marijuana. He seems to have made this his life’s work, after he succeeded in getting the state lottery mess approved in Tennessee years ago.

Here’s Cohen and O’Reilly’s smackdown of him. Funny how Cohen is suddenly all about states’ rights.

Embarrassing as that was, it was nothing compared to what Dennis Miller followed up with. He said Cohen’s head “was emptier than that dome over his left shoulder. By the way, was he the exact same color as his neck tie? What’s with the tanning down there? Between him and Boehner it looks like they’re all walking around with the bronzer on. Take some votes, you morons, get out of the spray tan booth.”

When O’Reilly went on to the topic of facebook, Miller went on to say “I just friended Steve Cohen because he’s a genius.”

Lucky for Steve they didn’t bring up his daughter who turned out not to be his daughter, his tweet during the SOTU and his comments to a black driver about his car.


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