Our Congressman at Work

Rep. Steve Cohen sent out his email to constituents outlining what he’s done for us last week.

Most Americans would be a little embarrassed by this list, but not our 9th district rep! He boasted:

“This week, I spoke with FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly about my bill to help bring sanity to our nation’s marijuana policy, hosted a telephone town hall with nearly 4,000 Ninth District citizens, and helped break ground at the Hampline. Keep reading to find out what else happened this week.”

First, it’s a typical Democrat trick to present a failure as a success. O’Reilly and then following, Dennis Miller, made fun of Cohen. Steve chose not to see it that way.

As for the telephone town hall, that’s only because he got scared by the Tea Party and stopped meeting with Memphians in person. I guess you can control your audience much more easily the old Alexander Graham Bell way. Click and you can hang up and no troublesome question will make it through.

I like the Greenline, but is helping to break ground on the Hampline an achievement? Shouldn’t that be left to local government? He explains: “… the Hampline… will make our city more livable and sustainable and give Memphians more opportunities to explore the city on foot or bike. As you may know, Memphis was recently named America’s Most Improved Bike City by Bicycling Magazine, and projects like the Hampline — spearheaded by Mayor A C Wharton — will help the city take another step towards being one of the nation’s best cities for cyclists.”

That’s all very nice, but I’d much rather see us get an award for best business climate, higher employment, financial desirability; you know that kind of dull thing that means the city is function and not just sustaining itself.

He then touts his efforts to “fight for a sane marijuana policy.” It’s some of the same effort he tried to express on the O’Reilly Factor but got laughed off the stage. “Nobody dies from marijuana, but people die from heroin overdoses every day,” Cohen writes. “There is a cultural lag in this country, and Congress and this Administration must fix it.” He might want to ask some of the judges and families of abusers what they think about that conclusion.

After that, Cohen goes on to explain, “This week, I joined my friend Priscilla Presley and my colleague Congressman Ed Whitfield to discuss efforts to protect all horses from the abusive training method called ‘soring.'” Evidently a little name dropping makes him a better congressman, eh? Is soring one of the major problems afflicting the U.S. and Shelby County? Really?

He continues, going back to Obamacare as the best thing ever. “Among the many benefits of the Affordable Care Act is free preventive care for services like mammograms that can detect breast cancer. A New York Times story noted that Memphis is ‘the deadliest major American city for African-American women with breast cancer.’” Again, are you impressed by the NYT? I’m not. How often have they been right about anything? Also, there is no certainty that Memphis women will go get the mammograms, even when they’re free. We already have vehicles that go around town offering free mammograms from time to time. What was wrong with that? They are probably more effective, going directly into neighborhoods, than free tests at the doctor’s office.

What about the people who have had their good insurance policies canceled because of Obamacare? Guess they don’t matter to Cohen.

The other accomplishments Cohen lists include “Building Ladders of Opportunity for Boys and Young Men of Color;” “Fully Funding the HOPE Scholarships;” “Ensuring Memphians Get the Tax Returns They Deserve;” “Recognizing the Monuments Men” and the always popular “Grant Announcements.”

All this is penny-ante stuff. How about working in Congress to get a decent budget? Working on whittling down the number of unemployed? Seeing to the defense of the country? Diminishing the national debt? Getting a decent energy policy? How about strengthening and protecting our power grid?

The last one would be particularly helpful in Memphis, given we just experienced another storm that crippled our city.

Guess that doesn’t have the glamor of Priscilla Presley or the New York Times.

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