Warming to an Issue

This Sunday’s ice/storm “experience” brings home – once again – how vital an issue energy is and yet how little our politicians concern themselves with it.

More precisely, when Democrat elected officials think about energy, it is only in terms of curtailing our use of it. They don’t want us to produce more. ANWAR, Keystone pipeline, fracking are all kryptonite to them. They want no part of it. They see lower energy bills, more comfortable homes and increased business activity as unimportant compared to the green agenda. Grandma can get a free Obama phone, but not cheaper gas or heat.

Even though Memphians have suffered through ice storms and “hurricane Elvis” that left us shivering and sweating for weeks, our congressman, Steve Cohen, doesn’t work in D.C. to strengthen our power grids, get more oil and gas fields going or encourage entrepreneurial attempts to find energy. His newsletters indicate he’s behind “smart” technology when it comes to energy, but all that does is save, not produce. It is dubious, too.

If you lost power during out latest storm like I and 50,000 other MLGW customers did, it’s obviously one of the most important topics they should be addressing in D.C. Without energy, people die and industry dries up. I doubt that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Joe Biden or Harry Reid have ever had to sit around a candle trying to read a book or tried to keep warm with only a stove or fireplace for days on end. So how would they know anything about the critical energy and energy maintenance needs Americans have? Can you picture Michelle Obama trying to cook dinner for her family in the dark at an outside grill when the temps dive into the 20s? Or wearing as many sweaters as possible plus a hat and coat in the house to stay warm?

It’s all very hypothetical in their world. In ours it’s reality. And reality can get a lot more painful than imagination.

Ask the people in Eastern Europe where Putin is holding them hostage with his ability to turn on or off the energy spigots that come from Ukraine. You don’t have heat, you don’t have life. Or, take the Middle East. No one would care a whit what they do if we didn’t need their energy supplies. Look at history and many wars have been fought over energy.

At some point something will have to change. Our grids are rickety and have been for years. They are subject to hacking and weather events. We don’t have great stockpiles of energy, but we have a population that needs more and more of it.

Kicking the can down the road has worked for the Democrats so far, but they should see the warning signs of such a policy.

Many of us felt them this weekend.

Ukraine, Iraq all about energy

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