What Democrats Do

If you don’t tow the line in Shelby County as a Democrat, the party comes down on you fast and furious, doesn’t it?

At least that’ what the Commercial Appeal says happened to Democrat State Senator Reginald Tate, Rep. Joe Towns, state executive committee member Hazel Moore and County Commissioner Sidney Chism. The Party that says it is liberal, open to divergent points of view and all for free speech spanked these four. Their “crimes?” The first three dared to attend a fundraiser for Republican Circuit Court Clerk Jimmy Moore. Chism’s offense was to speak realistically to Democrat sheriff candidate Bennie Cobb who is wanting to run against Sheriff Bill Oldham.

Shelby Democrat Party Chairman Bryan Carson censured them.

Maybe the theory that Democrats are in charge of their party and unified for election 2014 is not something you can take to the bank, eh?

Interesting, too, because judicial candidates are supposed to be non partisan. They don’t get to put party affiliation on the ballot next to their name. As for Chism, why shouldn’t he speak frankly to a friend about his chances? He fired back by saying “it’s a dysfunctional group of people on that Democratic Party.” Amen to that!

The Commercial Appeal story added that this is the second time in six months that the party has censured someone. Earlier it was County Commission chairman James Harvey who appointed Republican Heidi Shafer to chair the budget and finance committee.

Although Harvey thought she was the best person for the job, the local party (and the national one) doesn’t care about qualifications. They want everything to be run by Democrats even if it means running the city or the nation into the ground.

That’s one of the reasons why our city and country is so messed up right now. Democrats always put themselves before the good of the U.S.

Perhaps some Republicans do it, too, but not anywhere near matching the libs. Think George W. Bush. He ran the country knowing he was charged with protecting all the people in it, both liberals and conservatives. That earned him the ire of many GOP people. But to him, it was the right thing to do.

Don’t buy into the myth of the united Democrat Party that understands the American people and will crush the GOP at every upcoming election.

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