Memphis’ Top Race

Of all the political races in Tennessee, the one the State Republican Party thinks is the most important is right here in Shelby County.

That’s what state election coordinator Kim Perry told members of the Shelby County Republican Steering Committee at our meeting last week. Which race? The race for District Attorney that pits Amy Weirich against Democrat Joe Brown is the most important one in the state to both parties.

She detailed how the Democrats had drafted Joe Brown to run, counting on his celebrity status and name recognition as a plus in our community. They are pouring money into his campaign and DA Weirich needs to “at least double her funds and probably even more than that” to compete.

Kim, who is the campaign manager for Weirich, explained that Shelby County, so heavily Democrat yet lost in our sweep in 2010, is a kind of last stand in the state of Tennessee for them. If they get swept out of power again, where else in Tennessee can they win?

Anyone who can needs to support Ms. Weirich either by campaign contributions or as a campaign worker. It’s bad enough that we have to put up with the Obama Justice Department. Having an unqualified and partisan DA would make our lives even worse.

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