White Acting Weird?

I was very surprised to read that Rep. Mark White had voted for Common Core, essentially, in the dust up over it last week in the state legislature. A photo of him showed him uncharacteristically angry.

Mr. White has been a speaker at our Midtown Republican Club twice, I believe. He seems the model of probity. However, an article circulating on the web has accused him of taking $3,000 from a Common Core proponent. Victoria Jackson, the ex Saturday Night Live comedienne turned conservative activist found his name via votesmart.org. It

listed the names of the TN Senators and Representatives that had taken money from “Students First,” a pro-Common Core organization. What? Bribery?

Then Karen (Braken, a Tennessean against CC) emailed me the 2011 Tax Return of “Students First” and guess who is listed as one of the officers? David Coleman – Student Achievement Partners, lead writer of Common Core ELA Standards, President of the College Board, heavily funded by Bill Gates. So, the author of Common Core is connected to TN Ed. Comm. Kevin Huffman. Keep reading!

I’ve been puzzled as to why our House and Senate members seem to be so ignorant or uninformed about Common Core. Now I’m starting to understand.

“Students First” is a Progressive (Communist) organization that our current Ed. Comm. Kevin Huffman’s ex-wife started. Kevin Huffman, a Haslam appointee, likes to dismissively call Common Core dissenters, a “group of faux parents.” Kevin Huffman was involved in a missing-millions scandal when he worked at the Progressive “Teach for America” organization, (“Teach for America failed to account for half the money (millions) audited.”)…

…where he met his ex-wife Michelle Rhee, who was involved in a cheating scandal in Washington, D.C. where they discovered her public school system test scores were so high because she “lied” about them.

Out of 24 committee members only 6 did not take money from “Students First.” Out of the 24 committee members only 5 have education backgrounds. Why isn’t The Tennessean reporting this?

Senator Dolores Gresham received $ 15,500, Representative Mark White received $ 3,000, Senator Stacey Campfield received zero. Coincidentally, Gresham and White voted to keep Common Core and Campfield voted not to. Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

John DeBerry received over $100,000 from “Students First” in money and in-kind donations. In the story, it says Michelle Rhee is giving millions to conservatives. That is so deceitful, because John DeBerry is a Democrat and he does not vote conservative. Lies seem to be dripping off of politicians everywhere I look.

I’ve contacted Rep. White to ask him his side of the story. I will let you know if I hear from him.

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